“All My Children” Star Susan Lucci Reveals Why She Refuses To Wear A Bikini

April 13, 2018

In February, paparazzi took a photo of soap opera star Susan Lucci, who was wearing a fiery red strapless bathing suit during her vacation in Barbados, which sent social media into a frenzy.

Why, you ask?

Simply because the 71-year-old actress and TV host looked like not a day has passed since we saw her on the screen as Erica Kane on All My Children.

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And even though Lucci received a lot of praise for her gorgeous figure, she told People that she refuses to wear a bikini and prefers one pieces:

I occasionally buy a bikini, but I'm too shy to wear it.

She then added:

 There are times we’re in a secluded place, and someone will come up to me on the beach. So I’m a one-piece person!

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The brunette bombshell admits that it’s easy for women to find fault in themselves. But she tries to help females feel more confident and stylish with her new figure-flattering activewear line for QVC, which she called the Susan Lucci Collection.

The actress shared a word of advice:

Be your own best friend: Don’t compare yourself [to others], and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Lucci also advises others to pay attention to their bodies and listen what they tell them.

Take care of [your skin] every day. If your skin looks okay today and you take care of it, there’s a good chance it’s going to look good tomorrow.

The actress is one of several age-defying celebs in Hollywood, including 71-year-old Susan Sarandon and 72-year-old Goldie Hawn, who both look stunning at their age.

Not long ago, Lucci shared a photo of her and her mother, who looks radiant.

Maybe, good genes is a part of the age-defying secret?

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