California Court Brings Abrupt End To 101-Year-Old Actress Olivia De Havilland's Suit Against TV Show

March 28, 2018 09:18

She might be turning 102 years old this year, but she is as feisty as ever!


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Dame Olivia de Havilland believes she has been unfairly portrayed on the FX Networks show Feud, so she sued the producers of the show who tarnished her image.

Who is Olivia de Havilland?

Dame Olivia Mary de Havilland was born in 1916 in Tokyo to British parents. She had had a bright acting career from 1935 to 1988. Olivia played in 49 films and is best known for her roles in movies, including The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Gone with the Wind (1939), and To Each His Own (1946) as well as for her rivalry with her sister, also actress, Joan Fontaine.


The actress is one of the brightest and last-shining stars of the Classical Hollywood.

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The Feud

Feud is an American anthology TV show, premiered on March 5, 2017, which is presented as a dramatic version of actual events.

The first eight-episode season called Bette and Joan revolves around the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford at the time of the production of their film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? in 1962.

© Feud (2017) / FX Networks

Olivia de Havilland was a good friend of Bette Davis, so she was featured on the TV show, too. And she was not happy about her depiction.

© Feud (2017) / FX Networks

The thrown-out lawsuit

De Havilland felt offended by Catherine Zeta-Jones’ portrayal of her. She was unhappy that they made her foul-mouthed and gossip-loving. She filed a suit against FX Networks for unfairly depicting her and for not asking her permission to use her identity and name.

© Feud (2017) / FX Networks

But California appeals court threw out the lawsuit. The three-judge panel explained:

Whether a person portrayed in one of these expressive works is a world-renowned film star – ‘a living legend’ – or a person no one knows, she or he does not own history. Nor does she or he have the legal right to control, dictate, approve, disapprove, or veto the creator’s portrayal of actual people.

© Feud (2017) / FX Networks

In February 2017, Feud was renewed for the second season, which will be called Buckingham Palace (originally titled Charles and Diana). It will follow the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The premiere is expected in 2018.

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