Donald Trump Personally Calls Roseanne Barr To Congratulate Her On ‘Huge’ Success Of The Sitcom Reboot

March 30, 2018

Nothing can stand in Roseanne’s way, not even the news she’s become a fervent supporter of Donald Trump and the fact George Clooney didn’t accept the offer to star in the reboot of the sitcom. The popularity of the favorite series is enormous, and the TV ratings after the premieres are just living proof of that. 17.7 million viewers watched the first two series that were given 4.9 rating.

© Roseanne (2018) / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

© Roseanne (2018) / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

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Such an achievement didn’t go unnoticed by the president, and he’s decided to call Roseanne himself to congratulate her on such an enormous success. The press-secretary of Trump confirmed the news and said the call did take place. Trump was impressed by the ratings the sitcom has received.



© Roseanne (2018) / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

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Donald Trump Jr. decided not to fall behind his father and expressed his support to Roseanne in one of his recent tweets. He congratulated the actress on the success and even mentioned now there’s something worth watching on the late night TV show. Recently, he’s complained all such shows are too far left.

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