“Highest Honor On Earth Is Being Yourself”: Powerful Message Of Oprah Winfrey To The Girls And Women All Over The World

March 8, 2018 14:34

There have been rumors that our beloved Oprah Winfrey is going to run for the presidency. Even Donald Trump commented on the rumors saying he would beat her. Nevertheless, Oprah says she doesn’t have the DNA for it and has other plans of being who she is. Of course, she would run only on the condition God gave her a vivid sign she should do that.


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Meanwhile, she gives tips to women all over the world and encourages to live their lives to the fullest and have no fear of anything. And being yourself is the greatest opportunity any girl or woman on the planet to take. Discovering your purpose rather than just raising money and being responsible for a bunch of things – that’s a true purpose of any woman.


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She does a lot to make the life of others better. And constant training and studying help her a lot. Now, Oprah admits that a new understanding of childhood trauma changed her outlook and the way she shapes the philanthropic efforts.

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