Kenny Rogers Shares A Sweet "Classic Pic" Of Dolly Parton As A Sign Of Their Long-Term Friendship

April 6, 2018

They worked together for the first time more than 30 years ago. In 1983, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers became the greatest country duet with their hit Islands in the Stream topping the singles charts.

Since then, they have been good friends and perfect duet partners. Their close friendship resulted in the release of many beautiful songs, including Real Love, Love Is Strange, and the most recent You Can’t Make Old Friends.

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And even now, Kenny can’t help but pay touching tributes to his friend of more than 3 decades. On his Instagram, the star likes sharing cute throwback pics with Dolly. This is the newest one posted just a few days ago:

The country single’s Instagram page is full of snaps with Parton. And in the comments, many fans still ask why they never became a couple in real life.

Actually, the two have answered this question on multiple occasions. In 2013, Rogers revealed that although there had always been tension between him and Dolly, they never went further then flirting and teasing.

He also continued praising the blonde bombshell for being one of the most honest people he knows and staying close friends with him:

She's the kind of person who, if she walked in the door and I hadn't seen her in five years, I would be just as comfortable with her as the last time I saw her.

As for Dolly, she thinks that Kenny is like a brother to her. So, it never even seemed right to go further.

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