Sally Field Is Trying To Set Her Son Up With Adam Rippon. What Does The Olympian Think?

February 22, 2018

The Oscar-winning actress Sally Field has three things to be proud of in her life – her sons. All of them have their own accomplishments, but they are all kind, nice, and loving. 30-year-old Sam Greisman, the youngest among Field’s children, openly talks about being gay. And he can perfectly relate to stories about embarrassing moms trying to play matchmakers for their kids.


Landing her son a date

It seems that the son and the mother are pretty close, considering that Sam revealed to her who his Olympic crush was. Getting to know that it was an American figure skater Adam Rippon, the actress urged her son to make the first move.


Greisman liked his mom’s advice and took to Twitter to share a screenshot with his followers. Only, he did block out the part where he reveals who his crush is.

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Sally didn’t wait too long to react and decided to take things into her own hand. She retweeted the post and tagged Rippon, revealing her son’s crush to the whole world! Some children would be embarrassed, wouldn’t they?

Rippon's and people's reactions

Unfortunately, the figure skater didn’t respond to the actress, but Internet users rushed to Twitter to react to the funny situation.

But Rippon did reply to Sam after he reached out to the Olympian to apologize. And his response is definitely intriguing:

Sam, your mom, I admire her. And I’m sure one day we’re going to meet! So thanks, mom.

It looks like Sally’s matchmaking attempt might turn out to be successful.

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