Yvonne Staples, Key Member Of Hit-Making Staple Singers, Dies At 80 From Colon Cancer

April 12, 2018 13:05

It’s a sad day for all the fans of the Staple Singers. On April 10, one of its longtime members, Yvonne Staples, has passed away at 80 from colon cancer.

The group was formed in 1948 by one the Staples patriarch, Roebuck "Pops". Initially, its band members were "Pops" and his children - Pervis, Mavis, and Cleotha. But after Pervis was drafted for the Vietnam War, Yvonne joined to sing baritone.

In 1971, the Staple Singers released the first album that featured Yvonne as a full-time member. And this was a pivotal moment for a family.

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For a long time, they had been gospel singers. But in 1970s, they decided to change their audience by moving away from the gospel-funk sound and releasing R&B hits.

The group was rather successful, scoring 10 top 10 R&B hits, including such canonical songs as "Let's Do It Again" and "I'll Take You There." In 1980s, the band enjoyed less commercial success, but they experimented a lot with disco sounds, mechanized rhythms, and drum machines.

Sadly, Yvonne’s sister Cleotha and father died in 2013 and 2000 respectively. Meanwhile, her younger sister Mavis has built a successful career as a solo singer.

Since the band had admirers all over the country, it’s no wonder both celebs and ordinary people rushed to the social media platforms to send their condolences.

Here are just a few of the touching posts shared on Twitter