Patricia Heaton Speaks On How To Keep Christ At The Center Of Christmas

December 25, 2017 10:50

Christmas is here again

There is every probability you have fallen into the Christmas routine already, planning and getting ready for the once-in-a-year event that we all get so caught up with.

The kids are having that special excitement that comes with the approach of another holiday. Parents are planning all manner of activities and events and so on. Families are arranging get-togethers and parties with relations they haven’t seen in a while.

With all the activities, it can be explained why we sometimes fail to bear in mind the reason for the season. But Patricia Heaton shares how to keep the reason of the season in the midst of all the activities.


Patricia Heaton's tip

The actress, who is popularly known for her roles in “The Middle” and “Everybody Love Raymond,” is also quite a religious person too. Being a Catholic, she once stated that she attends mass several times in a week. So, now, she talks about how she manages to keep the birth of Jesus at the center stage of her celebration.

In an interview with The Gospel Herald, she mentioned the animated Christmas film “The Star” as one way to keep Christ at the center of the celebration this period and even beyond.

She stated that the film narrates the gospel-centered account of the birth of Jesus Christ. She also pointed that the movie isn’t just for children, so it can make for a great family time as well.



So, with Christ in mind, what are you going to do differently? How are you going to celebrate in a way that harnesses the very reason why Jesus was born in the first place?

A great way to go about the celebration this year would be to put a Jesus smile on someone out there. Beyond family and relations, let’s take the celebration to the doorstep of others who may not be privileged to throw a party like us now.

Let's all be a blessing to someone out there, and we would have had a beautiful Christmas celebration.

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