Billie Lourd Shared A Moving Post On Social Media To Remind About The 86th Birthday Of Her Deceased Grandmother

April 3, 2018 14:45

Billie Lourd posted a touching tribute to her deceased grandmother that would have turned 86 on April 1st. The 25-year-old American actress was strong enough to overcome the loss of the two closest relatives a year ago – her mom and her granny.


Terrible loss

The Reynolds family was meant to be famous. Starting from Debby herself, two of her children and later Billie became the popular cinematographic characters.


Unfortunately, the happy family suffered a terrible loss when within two days the two fabulous actresses left this world.


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Billie Lourd lost her mom Carrie Fisher on December 27 because of a heart attack and her granny Debbie Reynolds on December 28 because of a stroke.

Touching tribute

Billie Lourd was close with her deceased relatives. That is why, she will never forget their influence on her life.

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The American actress that is best known for playing Chanel #3 in the Fox television series Scream Queens paid a touching tribute to her granny on April 1st, when Debbie was supposed to turn 86. She didn’t write anything under the photo, simply decorated it with a few emoji.

The world saw how strong Billie was when the actress commented on the deaths of her beloved women:

Even when she [Carrie] died, that was what got me through that whole thing. When Debbie died the next day, I could just picture her saying, 'Well, she's upstaging me once again, of course—she had to.'

Family legacy

Billie is a young and talented personality. After the loss, she promised to continue the family legacy, but this time not in the shadow of her more famous relatives.


She respects being Carrie’s daughter, but now, there is only she who has left, Billie Lourd. She has her plans for the career and looks forward to implementing them as soon as possible.


We wish Billie continue developing and reach the tops that her incredible mom and granny reached in their times.

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