Elvis Presley's Partner Actress Donna Butterworth Has Died At The Age Of 62 Due To The Undiagnosed Disease

March 15, 2018 14:00

Charming former celebrity child Donna Butterworth, who co-starred with Elvis Presley in Paradise, Hawaiian Style and with Jerry Lewis in The Family Jewels, has passed away at the age of 62. Her kid’s voice was mesmerizing, and the songs she performed were really touching.

Screen colleagues

In one of her lasts interviews with Joe Krein, Donna describes working with the King of Rock’n’Roll as a great pleasure. When she has first met him, she was just ten years old, so her stunning reaction was understandable.

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Donna says that the place where they filmed the scenes of Hawaiian Style appealed to Presley greatly. He enjoyed having his skin sunbathing on a warm beach. She also describes Elvis as a person she felt comfortable with.

Actually, everybody felt convenient with Presley, so that is why he was so popular among the people.

Pitiful death

Unfortunately, the lovely Family Jewels actress has recently died at the Hilo Medical Center in Hilo, Hawaii, after a long, unspecified illness. The unfortunate news was announced by the funeral director at Dodo Mortuary and Crematory. The actress passed away on March 6 after suffering from the undiagnosed disease for quite a long period. Donna is an award-winning actress who has received a Golden Globe nomination as Most Promising Newcomer.

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Fans' tribute

The fans are in great sorrow for the deceased actress. Even though she is mostly remembered for her role in a Hawaiian Style movie, she is much adored and compared with her colleague Elvis in the way she acted on the screen.

Rest in peace, dear Donna, hope you have found a better place somewhere there.

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