Michael Caine Celebrates His 85th Anniversary In A Wheelchair Together With His Family And Sir Paul McCartney

March 19, 2018 10:08

British amazing actor Michael Caine, starred in more than 115 films, celebrates his 85th anniversary in a wheelchair due to the unfortunate accident with his ankle. During the private celebration, he is accompanied by his wife Shakira, daughter Natasha, and a younger friend-colleague Sir Paul McCartney.

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Tireless actor

Some people look for the retirement since their 40th birthday and can’t wait to start living a peaceful life without even thinking about the job. Sir Michael Caine is, on the contrary, a workaholic.


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He had no thoughts of leaving his occupation neither after 40th, 60th, nor even after 80th birthday, being successfully filmed year after year. This time, during the celebration of his 85th anniversary, Caine claimed that he is a little bit tired to get up at 6 o’clock to learn dozens of pages for the next role. However, he didn’t say he quits.


Anniversary celebration

His 85th birthday Michael had to meet in a wheelchair because of the unfortunate accident in winter when Caine slipped in the garden and broke his ankle.

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However, the elderly actor is still in the wonderful mood. During the celebration, Michael was accompanied by his wife Shakira, daughter Natasha, and his forever-friend Sir Paul McCartney.

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New film

On September 5, Caine presented his new film called My Generation.

The movie tells us about harsh times of the 1960s. London in the middle of XX century was full of one thing that spoiled people – drugs. Check the trailer of the documentary about the rock legends and look at the life of British celebrities as it has never been introduced to press.

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