Deadly Crash: Amtrak Passenger Train Hit Freight Train In South Carolina

February 5, 2018 13:32

In the U.S. state of South Carolina, as a result of a railway accident, two people were killed and more than one hundred were injured, ABC News reports. The incident occurred in the morning on February 4, 2018.

The Amtrak passenger train, following the New York-Miami route, turned off the main track and crashed into a freight train at full speed. Onboard the train were 139 passengers and 8 crew members aboard.

Incident cause and details

Rescuers who arrived at the scene had to not only provide assistance to the victims but also clean up a large fuel leak. Now Amtrak, together with the National Transportation Safety Board and other agencies, is investigating the causes of the accident. According to preliminary data, the collision could have occurred due to an improperly lined switch.

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President Trump was informed about the train crash. He immediately took to Twitter to express condolences, and to thank first responders for their amazing work.

Raising questions about rail safety.

This is the third catastrophe with fatalities involving Amtrak passenger trains in less than two months. On Wednesday, January 31, a passenger train carrying congressmen from the Republican Party, collided with a garbage truck in a rural area of Virginia.

As a result, a truck driver was killed and car passengers were injured. And in December 2017, there was another incident between Seattle and Portland, killing three.


All three crashes have different causes, but it seems that some changes need to be made to ensure passengers’ safety, even if the company has to pause operations. Trains are, in fact, safer than cars, but the victims say they will opt for vehicles or planes in the future.

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