Holly Willoughby Broke Down In Tears On Live TV As Simon Thomas Recounted The Moment He Told His Son His Mom Is Dead

March 2, 2018

Simon Thomas shared a sweet note with his son Ethan after his emotional appearance on ITV's This Morning. His story brought Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to tears. It's the first interview on TV since his wife died.

Gemma died from acute myeloid leukemia

Simon Thomas's wife died three days after being diagnosed with leukemia. The Sky Sports presenter broke the news in an emotional Twitter message saying he was “crushed with indescribable pain.”

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Gemma Thomas left behind the couple’s son, eight-year-old Ethan, who Simon said was in bits. She was surrounded by family and closest friends in her final moments.

Telling his son that mommy had died was heartbreaking

Thomas revealed in the emotional interview that telling his eight-year-old son that his mom had died was "horrendous." His wife, Gemma, passed away last November.

Yesterday, Simon went on This Morning to raise awareness for bloodwise and blood cancer, with Holly Willoughby breaking down in tears at his story. Simon said:

She died at 5.45am on Friday – I screamed to God “why did you leave him without a mum?” ‘Ethan had been in a couple of times that day, and I held him to her ear a couple of times and told her he loved her. All the way [home] all I could think was this story from 18 months ago, and he had a cuddly toy, and it got caught up in the laundry on holiday [and got lost].

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Watch the full video below.

Simon wrote on Instagram after the interview and thanked fans for their support.

Simon Thomas is raising son Ethan as a single dad

Simon has been sharing his and Ethan’s progress after their loss on Instagram, with the 45-year-old posting pictures of daily notes he pops in Ethan’s school lunchbox.

Simon’s followers shared words of support with the two.

We are sending our love to Simon and Ethan as they continue to grow and cope with the loss.

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