Reaction Of Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's Boys To Christmas Gifts

December 26, 2017

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had an awesome surprise planned for their kids this Christmas. Gwen shared it on her Instagram.

It was pretty early on Monday morning and the boys were just fresh out of bed. Kingston (11) and Zuma (9) were both in lion onesies, while their little brother, Apollo (3), wore his Christmas pajamas.

The Christmas tree had already been decorated, and presents laid out for the kids. But there was a little twist. Blake covered the path leading to the tree with a giant sheet of Christmas wrapping paper

The boys were absolutely delighted as they burst through the paper and scrambled for their presents. In the video, Blake captures the boys as they exclaim and unwrap their toys. Their reaction was priceless.

Apollo was ecstatic as he unwrapped his present. He got a mini-truck, and it was huge! Apollo’s truck was also filled with sweets and other nice presents.

For the love of Christmas

Earlier this month, the couple performed on Gwen Stefani’s one-hour holiday program. The show was broadcast on NBC. The couple sang Gwen’s hit song, You Make It Feel Like Christmas (which is also the name of the show). In the photo also shared by Gwen, she looks amazing. Gwen was looking absolutely incredible in her glamorous red dress and black stilettos.

Here is another photo of the beautiful couple posing at the end of their performance. They really looked resplendent.

Gwen was also big on decorations this year. She had on display at home this cute gingerbread house with little fluffy animals inside, simulating the nativity.

It has been a very Merry Christmas for Gwen, Blake, and the boys. They also appreciated their families and friends on Instagram.

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