Meghan Markle Shows She Is Ready To Be A Princess With Her First Curtsey To The Queen

December 26, 2017

Meghan Markle showed that she has already mastered the art of curtsey! This Monday morning, she greeted Elizabeth II after Christmas service at Sandringham together with other members of the royal family.


Meghan’s debut

Wearing a stylish camel coat, brown boots, and a dark brown beret, Meghan arrived at the service with her fiancé Prince Harry.


Her future brother-in-law Prince William and his pregnant wife Duchess Catherine were also there. By attending it, Markle broke another royal tradition as she and Harry are not married yet.


Duchess of Cambridge also showed the sign of respect to the monarch by placing her left foot behind and curtseying to Elizabeth II.

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On the other hand, Meghan debuted by slightly bowing her head and doing a subtle curtsey. Queen’s grandsons also bowed their heads before their grandmother.

Whom to bow?

For sure, the engaged actress will need to learn whom she is to bow. By doing it at the wrong moment, she might embarrass herself and her fiancé.


Curtseying to the Queen goes without saying, but Meghan will also be expected to bend and bow to Elizabeth’s husband, her son Prince Charles, and his wife Duchess of Cornwall.


And, as William is higher in line to the throne, a curtsey is in order for Prince William and his wife.


Christmas is a family time, and the royals are no exception. They are going to spend the holiday together. After the service, Markle joined the royal family for festive dinner. And at 3 p.m. (British time), they will all watch Elizabeth’s annual televised message.

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