Selena Gomez Shows A Completely New Long Hair Look At Coach Show, And Fans Love It!

February 15, 2018 12:28

These days, celebrities change their hairstyles like clothes, so it’s even difficult to keep up with them. And every time luminaries test out new looks, it throws their fans and other Internet users in a tizzy. This time, Selena Gomez surprised her admirers with her new hairstyle.


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Debuting bangs

The "Wolves" singer appeared at the Coach show sporting a new look, and we should admit, it definitely suits her. The star went back to her natural long brunette hair and added stylish bangs. To complete the look, Selena chose a fashionable outfit: a long dress with a floral pattern, a short leather jacket, and black-and-white boots.



Actually, we’ve seen this hairstyle earlier. In the mid-2000s, this was the exact way the singer wore her hair. Her make-up choice also resembles her natural back-in-the-day style. Nude lips, black eyeliner, and full brows – all this creates a youthful and feminine look.


Do fans miss her bleached blonde lob?

Gomez’s Instagram still features the choppy bleached lob that she introduced in November. The hairstyle featured light peroxide blonde with dark natural roots and gave the singer a grungy edge.

Although fans loved it, it was short lived. Selena is not known for experimenting with her hair, only changing its length and switching from lighter to darker browns. At some point, she had golden highlights painted, but she never opted for something radical (like Kim Kardashian does).

Selena Gomez Hair