George Clooney Gave Noise-Canceling Headphones To Plane Passengers While Travelling With His Young Twins

December 15, 2017

Every parent knows that their child is super adorable, but unfortunately, other people probably won't feel that way. In fact, when it comes to a baby's cries, even the parents may find themselves feeling frustrated. The only thing worse than that is when they cry in a confined space, and other passengers give you this dirty look.

Well, George and Amal Clooney have found a solution to that particular problem. Although, we highly doubt there's anyone who will find the cries of the famous actor's twins annoying.

Headphones on a plane

George and his family recently went on a trip that included their six-month-old twins. According to Page Six, the thoughtful parents gave all the first-class passengers a pair of noise-canceling headphones to apologize in advance if the babies cried.

Another star was on the flight, the publication reported. Quentin Tarantino also wore the headphones. But it turned out there was no need because the babies did not cry at all throughout the flight.

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The adorable twins

Last month, while he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, George Clooney announced that his twins were going to make their first TV debut. However, it turned out to be Matt Damon pushing out what seemed to be empty strollers. Regardless, the back-and-forth battle of wits between the show host and Matt was actually quite hilarious, even though we never got to see the Clooney twins.

Actually, since the birth of Alexander and Ella, on June 6th, 2017, the public has not been able to get a look at them. But fans are eagerly anticipating their real big TV debut.

Clooney on fatherhood

Even though he is yet to show the world pictures of his twins, George still loves to talk about his babies. In an interview with DailyMail in September, he said:

I am at last experiencing what most people in the world get to experience, which is the incredible amount of love you gain when you have two children you are responsible for.


He also opened up about how much his life has changed since the twins were born, but he would not change the experience for the world.

It does sound like George Clooney is doing a great job as a dad. He is very protective of his children and just loves bragging about them. Not mentioning the fact he just seems to look better the older he gets. Fatherhood sure suits the actor.

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