Queen Margrethe II Weeps During The Funeral Of Prince Henrik

February 21, 2018 12:47

Prince Henrik, husband to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, has passed away last week. He died in his sleep while convalescing at Fredensborg Castle. Earlier in 2017, the Prince Consort had been diagnosed with dementia.


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The French-born monarch is famous for his refusal to be buried beside his wife, breaking a centuries-old tradition. His reason was that the ‘Prince Consort’ title was degrading as he expected to be named King. Many Danes found this distasteful.


His name was originally Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat and he was born 11 June 1934. He changed his name to Henrik as a sign of respect to the Queen.

Denmark mourns as the royal is laid to rest

Thousands of Danes lined the streets yesterday to observe the funeral procession of Prince Henrik. The queen was there and wept openly during the procession. She was joined by other members of the royal family in a private church service at the Christiansborg Palace Chapel in the center of Copenhagen.

Later on, military officers carried the coffin of the late Prince Henrik out of the church. It was covered in the state flag with the prince’s personal coat of arms.

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The late prince officially renounced his title of Prince Consort in 2016. After this, he retired to his chateau in southwestern France where he spent most of his time alone. He was still married to the Queen until his death.


There have been mounting speculations that Queen Margrethe II may abdicate the throne and hand over the crown to her son, Crown Prince Frederik. The 49-year-old is next in line to the throne of Denmark. If this happens, his wife, Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, will be named Queen Consort.

Mary is the mother of Isabella, Vincent, and Josephine. The children were all present at the funeral. Mary met Crown Prince Frederik during the Sydney Summer Olympics. They were married in 2004. She was born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson to Scottish parents, Henrietta (née Horne) and John Dalgleish Donaldson.

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