Sharon Stone's Adorable New Pup Bandit Will Make You Say 'Aww'

April 25, 2018 09:54

Sharon Stone is the definition of a dog person. She absolutely adores her French bulldog Joe.

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Joe's a big part of the Stone family. The famous actress loves to dress him up and even celebrates his birthday with a tasty cake.

Just recently, the happy family welcomed a new addition: a cute little pup called Bandit.

The actress shared the news on her Instagram and hasn't been able to stop posting pictures of her new furry friend since.

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Joe was a bit jealous of the new puppy, but the two brothers have been taking their time getting to know each other. Sharon posted a video of Bandit playfully jumping on Joe, trying to get him to play.

Stone is obsessed with her new puppy, saying "He's so cute I can't stand it." No surprise there, just look at those smart blue eyes.

Of course, the two French bulldogs aren't the actress' only children. Sharon has teenage sons Quinn, 10, Laird, 12, and Roan, 16. And she's just as good of a mother to them, as she is to Joe and Bandit. Last year, the three siblings honored Sharon with Mother of the Year Award.

Laird even gave a speech, in which he highlighted what a great mom she is. "She is loving, caring and a great person," he said. And we certainly have no doubts about it.

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