Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit To Florida Hospital To Deliver Easter Baskets To Children

April 2, 2018 09:26

The First Lady has had all eyes on her for quite often now, especially after the news about her husband’s affair with an adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which 71-year-old Trump denied.


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47-year-old Melania appeared to look like she’s not bothered, as she made an unexpected visit to the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital in Florida to deliver Easter baskets.

The baskets were filled with crayons, coloring books, White House playing cards, a book, a plush toy, and 2018 commemorative wooden Easter eggs. Stephanie Grisham, the Trumps’ communications director, took to Twitter to comment on the occasion:

The children lit up when [the first lady] walked in the room.

Grisham mentioned that Melania paid a surprise visit to several patients and their parents. She also praised medical staff for their work. Trump later tweeted:

So great to spend time with some of their brave patients and hardworking doctors and nurses.

The First Lady has been spending time in Florida with her son, who is on a spring break. Donald Trump joined his family later.

There were no reporters at the hospital because nobody knew the First Lady will decide to pay a visit there.

Melania Trump also stopped by HomeSafe in Lake Worth in Palm Beach and spent 45 minutes talking with girls, victims of child abuse and domestic violence, who live there.

As she was getting to know them, her husband was enjoying another round of golf.

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