Kate Middleton And All Royal Women Are Required To Wear Tights In Public

February 19, 2018

Among all kinds of weird royal traditions, there are also those that are related only to the way the royals dress. And while common people don’t have such requirements, it’s probably hard to understand them.

For example, all royal women aren’t allowed to wear casual clothing. As a rule, they dress modestly. What is more, it’s a must for Prince George to wear tailored shorts and high socks but not pants. Members of the royal family should always have an all-black outfit whenever they travel abroad. Then, it’s a rule that daytime is for hats, while the tiaras are a must since 6 p.m., and these are only a few basic rules that the royals are bound to follow.

And when it comes to any kind of public outing, it is an absolute must to wear tights. It’s something that the Queen demands and stresses upon. Of course, lots of women would agree that this constricting accessory isn’t always comfortable, especially if it’s hot outside. But this is the only rule that is simply impossible not to follow.


And only time will show us whether Meghan Markle will become a law-abiding member of the royal family when she finally joins it on the 19th of May; the day she and Prince Harry are marrying.

So far, she’s trying to get used to classic clothes and has proved that during her visit to Wales. She had a navy, black, and green tartan Burberry coat that made her look very Scottish.

Her classic outfit would be definitely approved by the Queen and Kate Middleton.


Kate Middleton