Princess Diana Didn’t Agree With The Royal Approach To Childbirth And Changed It Forever By Breaking The Protocol

April 25, 2018

Diana was the first in lots of ways. She was the person who changed the way people looked at monarchy. The princess showed another side of the royalty. She picked her engagement ring from a catalog instead of having a custom made one. Diana chose her kids’ names herself and didn’t trust the choice to Prince Charles.


What is more, she broke a royal protocol concerning childbirth and changed the way all royal women before her gave birth to their kids. Diana was the first one to opt for natural birth instead of a ‘twilight sleep’, something both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II had undergone.


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In addition, she did it in an upright position and didn’t want to lie down to give birth to her children. Sheila Kitzinger, a natural childbirth expert, recalls how it was:

I said that Charles looked strong enough to hold her. And that is what happened. It was the first active royal birth – a complete contrast to the queen’s.



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Unlike Kate Middleton, Princess Diana stayed at the hospital for one day before introducing her kids to the public. The Duchess of Cambridge has opted for a quick return to her palace, and this time introduced her baby boy in 7 hours after his birth and spent in the hospital mere 12 hours.

Princess Diana