Tori Roloff Can’t But Share The Cutest Photos Of Her 10-Months-Old Jackson In A Big Kids Pool!

March 30, 2018 11:03

The new mother, Tori Roloff, can’t but boast about the achievements of her 10-months-old baby boy Jackson. In her recent Instagram post, she has shared every ‘important’ skill of her child. She mentioned everything he likes doing, eating, and, of course, how many teeth he has.

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The baby-boy has already been in a swimming pool with his mom. And as she says, he loved the activity a lot! The photos she’s shared show the little cutie in colorful board shorts sitting in the water and smiling. This time, it was an indoor pool, though, the mom of one hopes that summer won’t make them wait too long.

Enjoyed an afternoon at the pool praying for summer to come! Jackson loved his first time in a big kids pool! Such a little swimmer!

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And the news for the fans of Little People Big World. The thing is that soon, there will be a new season of their favorite series on TLC. After the end of the 12th season, a lot has happened to the family, so now, since April 3, they are ready to share the news with everyone.

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