“You Did It, Baby”: Patton Oswalt Brings The Finished Book Of His Late Wife To Her Gravesite

March 1, 2018

It was a huge shock not only to the fans but first of all to the family of Michelle McNamara who died in her sleep in April 2017. The condition they didn’t know about and the medications she took proved to be lethal. She was a creative writer who was perfect at writing crime stories. She had her own website where she published them.


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Her husband, a famous comedian, Patton Oswalt, was totally grief-stricken at first, especially while the cause of her death was unknown. Somehow to relieve the pain, he decided to fulfill one of her dreams – posthumously, he published her book and told the world about it on Twitter. He brought the book to his wife's grave to share the happiness with her.


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However, the comedian has managed to overcome the sudden death of his wife, and now, the 48-year-old actor fell in love again. Meredith Salenger, an actress, has become his new love. They got engaged and married, but Oswalt says he will always cherish the biggest diamond Michelle has given to him – their daughter.