2-Year-Old Toddler Saved Her Heavily Pregnant Mom When She Collapsed

March 16, 2018

2-year-old Myah Powell proves that in extreme situations, toddlers can act like real grown-ups and make serious decisions. When her heavily pregnant mother, Katie-Marie Porter, collapsed in the bedroom, the little knew exactly what to do.

Her father was not at home, so calling for help was not a solution. Luckily, Myah had watched her parents use FaceTime to call her grandmother. And she did the same to help her mother.

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The youngster took her mom’s phone, opened the video-call app, and contacted her grandma, shouting that her mother was lying on the floor. In her turn, the gran called Myah’s father, Kirk, to say that his wife had fallen ill.

Thanks to the girl, Kirk got back home quickly and rushed Katie-Marie to the hospital. The woman now feels fine, and she encourages other parents to teach their kids what to do in case of an emergency. As she says:

It might save someone else in the future.

And it's a great advice, as this is not the only case of a toddler saving their pregnant mom. Recently, 3-year-old girl Emma has been applauded by dialing 999, giving the emergency staff her address, and unlocking the door for them.

Her mom was 33 weeks pregnant, and when she fell, she went into early labor. Fortunately, paramedics managed to help.

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