Elizabeth II Talks About Life With Great-Grandchildren And Reveals Their Naughty Christmas Habits

April 11, 2018 16:42

Queen Elizabeth II rarely gives interviews and talks about herself. But in a new documentary film titled The Queen’s Green Planet, she finally revealed some details about her royal life, shared her love for nature, and proved that she has a wonderful sense of humor.

Walking around the grounds of Buckingham Palace together with Sir David Attenborough, the monarch mainly focused on her goal of protecting forests. But she also eventually touched upon the topic of Christmas trees and festive celebration.

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In a humorous exchange, the Queen could not help but give an insight into how she celebrates the holiday with her great-grandchildren. And as it turns out, despite being royals, they absolutely love running around and destroying things like other normal children do.

Speaking about her Christmas tree, the Queen revealed that it’s usually giant and wide, so decorating it takes a good couple of hours. But what makes it worse is that Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and other royal great-grandchildren constantly knock the ornaments off.


As the monarch said:

Yes, that is always the problem, the children love knocking those off. Well my great-grandchildren do.

Then, the Queen shared an advice on how to make children stop doing that. And the key is simple – just ask them to help decorate the tree! Maybe, then, they will be more careful.

Elizabeth II also revealed the one gift she gets all the time. And as trite as it may sound, most people prefer presenting the Queen with plants and flowers instead of giving her something unique and rare.


So, if you want to impress the monarch, you surely should probably opt for something else!

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