Four Months After Owner Dies In Hospital, Loyal Dog Is Still Waiting Outside For His Return

March 14, 2018

All dog owners know that their pets are their best friends for a number of reasons. They will never betray or lie to you, they will never judge you, and they will always forgive you and be even better companions than humans are. Yes, their loyalty shouldn’t be questioned. But what happens to furry friends when their owners become sick or, worse, die?


Refusal to let it go

Recently, the Internet has been touched by the story of a dog from Brazil. When his owner, a homeless man, got injuries in a street fight and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, the pet chased the vehicle down the streets. Unfortunately, the man didn’t make it.

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For two months, the loyal animal had been waiting for his owner in front of the hospital. The staff gave him food and water. Eventually, they found a kennels that agreed to take the dog in. And when a new owner was willing to take him, he ran away to the hospital, proving his unwavering loyalty to the late man. It's been now four months since the owner's death.


Of course, it’s not the only story of pets’ commitment. A few years ago, a patient pet dog Maya waited for her owner for nearly a week outside the hospital! The woman had her appendix ruptured, and the animal didn’t want to leave her owner without support.


Maya is an Akita – the breed that is known for their loyalty. And the famous story of Hachiko waiting for his dead master for years only proves this fact.

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