Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding Will Be One Of The Most Expensive Ones For An Important Reason

April 2, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s forthcoming nuptials might be one of most expensive wedding of all time, even more expensive that William and Kate’s one.


Of course, we don’t know the official numbers. But it is believed that the duke and duchess’ wedding costed almost $30 million. And Harry’s is expected to be $45 million!


But there’s a simple reason for that

Out of $45 million, $42 will be on security. Unfortunately, the terrorist threat level in the country is still high, and racial actions toward the former actress only make the situation worse.

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With 100,000 people that are expected to visit Windsor on May 19, it’s no surprise the police will have one of the biggest operations in its history. The measures will include anti-terror vehicle barriers, search dogs, armed and unarmed officers, and much more. If policing officers believe there’s something suspicious, they can also stop and check any visitor.


The rest of the sum will be on catering, decorations, and, of course, the dress. Earlier, there was speculation that Meghan will spend more than $400 thousand on a dress. But it’s incredibly unlikely.


The bride-to-be does not want to upstage her future sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine. Kate’s dress cost an eye-watering $350 thousand. And Meghan might pay just $90 thousand for it.

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