What Is Prince William’s Last Name? Technically, He's Got More Than One

March 29, 2018

When we hear, read, or talk about the royal family, we are most likely to refer to them by their royal title and first name. But have you ever wondered whether they have a last name? The answer is yes. But there’s an interesting history behind it.


For a very long time, the royals didn’t have a last name. Instead, they went by either the name of their dynasty or their house. However, in 1917, King George V changed the house’s name to Windsor.

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When Elizabeth II married Prince Philip and became Queen, she decided that her descendants should bear a new last name that will reflect both of their ancestries. Since then, any member of the family can use the name of Mountbatten-Windsor, but only if they want.


However, the royals can be easily identified without it. What is more, instead of Mountbatten-Windsor, they often opt for their territorial designation. For example, Princes Harry and William took the last name of Wales when serving in the military. In a similar fashion, little George and Charlotte can be referred by the name of Cambridge if this is their choice.


When the former actress Meghan Markle ties the knot with Prince Harry, she will become Mountbatten-Windsor. She will also have a new title. Most likely, the couple will become the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.


But we will know for sure only on May 19.

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