Kirk Cameron And Wife, Chelsea, Take Living Room Conversations On Tour To Help Parents And Marriages

December 29, 2017 13:00

Marriage is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it? When we were all young, we looked forward to that special day where, in the presence of all, we will be forever united with that special man or woman our hearts beat for.

While the glamour of weddings and marriages have increased over time, there has also been an increase in divorce rates in the world. It is recorded that every 38 seconds a marriage hits the rocks – couple gets divorced in the United States!


Thankfully, one couple wants to repair and bring more hope to families in the country. What if you could reset your home and bring back hope, love, care, and empathy that a family is known for?

The living room reset

Chelsea and Kirk have been married for 27 years. In those years, Kirk has been a father for at least 20 years, and they are blessed with 6 children whose ages are very close. Kirk admits that this is a huge task, but they are learning, growing, and thriving through all the challenges of parenting these kids.

As the New Year unfolds, Kirk and his family will be coming to different neighborhoods to help rebuild families. They will do this by sharing their own stories, giving people an inside-view of how their own family runs. He calls this “The Living Room Reset.” In his words, Kirk says:

I will be sharing about the things that have made the most valuable difference in our marriage and with our kids, and brought the most peace and blessing to our home.

How the initiative will run

The Living Room Reset will be a tour around different neighborhoods, and this will give Kirk and Chelsea the chance to meet and interact with many families and to restore hope to homes where there is a need for this. It will also help to mend broken marriages or marriages that are on the verge of getting divorced.

Parenting is about modeling and raising kids who can even live beyond our expectation of them. Kids always follow the example their parents set for them, this is why parents must be the leaders in the home. Kirk says:

Kids love to play "Follow the leader."


A lesson in parenting

If we want our kids to be more receptive, friendly, caring, spiritual, and loving, then parents must set the pace for that to happen. They must not only see you talking about it, but actually live it and set the example.

The Living Room Reset will surely bring hope, joy, and create a deeper bonding experience between couples and families as a whole.

We are excited to see how this project unfolds and how it transforms families around the country.

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