Despite Being A Busy Aspiring Politician, Donald Trump Jr. Still Spends Time With His Family And Shares Son's Birthday Pic

February 20, 2018

President Trump’s son and namesake, known as “Don", is his first child with first wife and former model Ivana. Don Jr., 39, serves as executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, a dual role he shares with younger brother Eric.

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While being at a fashion show with his son, the Donald Trump Jr. spotted a comely young model on the runway. This led to a love story and 2005 wedding at his father's club, Mar-a-Lago.

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Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa have five children together: Kai, Donald John III, Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe. Donald Jr. is fluent in Czech thanks to a close relationship with his maternal grandfather, Milos, who lived with the family during his childhood. Don has also told people he’s interested in running for office eventually—perhaps, for governor of New York.

Happy birthday, Donnie

Donald III isn't the oldest of President Trump's grandchildren as that position belongs to his older sister, Kai Madison Trump.

He recently celebrated his ninth birthday; thus, his father, Don Jr., shared lovely photos on Instagram and gave him a treat.

For the sake of security


Owing to longstanding norms of how the media covers young children related to the president, there’s not a massive amount of information about the ins and outs of Donald III’s life. His parents decided to keep their children's lives in private.

That said, Don Jr. and Vanessa are proud of their family. The pair showed off their five young children in a tweet in June, marking the Commander-In-Chief's 71st birthday. Donald III is the brown-haired kid up front wearing the blue-and-red checkered shirt.

Basically, outside of the fact that Donald III has one of the most widely recognized names in the world right now, and is the grandson of arguably the most influential person on Earth, he’s just a young boy like any other.

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