Go Girl! Debbie McGee Says She Is Ready To Love Again 2 Years After Paul Daniels' Death

March 14, 2018

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee's love story began as a working relationship. But they had a great life together until his death in 2016.


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First meeting

At 49, the famous British magician and illusionist was quite older than the 28-year-old dancer who became his assistant. They met in 1991, after the Iranian revolution forced Debbie to leave her job as a soloist in the Iranian national ballet. At the time, Paul was divorced.

He was immediately struck the first time he met her. His first impression was that she looked "like the little mannequin drawing between the paragraphs of Playboy magazine".


After a 'more serious' career, Debbie was not very impressed that she had to work with a magician until she saw him on the quiz show Blankety Blank. She said she was drawn to his sense of humor. It stayed constant throughout their marriage.


During the early years, they caught a lot of flak because of their age difference. Still, they overcame it all. Paul died in 2016 following a brain tumor diagnosis.

Debbie is ready to love again

Two years on, Debbie who was a favorite on the show, Strictly Come Dancing, says she is ready to find love again.


The 59-year-old ballet dancer and radio host says nobody has asked her out on a date yet, but she is open to the opportunity of meeting new people.

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She said in an interview with Hello:

I don’t want to be on my own for the rest of my life. I love male company, am full of energy and don’t want to be stuck at home alone.

Go girl!

Other women living their best life

The dance favorite is just one of many older people who are becoming more vocal about their need for companions.



At age 42, Salma Hayek married François-Henri Pinault. And, Sandra Bullock got married at 41 to the love of her life, Jesse James.

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