Large Alligator Helps Pregnant Mom Reveal Her Baby's Gender To The World

April 3, 2018 11:49

These days, couples continue to outdo themselves when it comes to gender reveal parties. What were once casual events aimed at revealing the unborn child's gender has now turned into the perfect way for parents to showcase how creative they can get.


A massive alligator breaks the news

Mike Kliebert, an alligator trainer, was recorded holding a alligator's mouth shut on a lawn. He was surrounded by family and friends who were there for the dad-to-be's gender reveal party.

Mike told HuffingtonPost that he and his girlfriend decided to enlist the help of the alligator for the reveal because the creatures were a big part of their family.

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In the video which was posted online by the grandmother-to-be, Melody Kliebert, Mike can be seen placing a watermelon in the reptile's mouth. The alligator then snaps her jaw shut and blue liquid gushed out of her mouth - indicating that Mike and his partner are expecting a baby boy.

Describing how he set the whole thing up, Mike said he drilled a hole in a watermelon and put some Jell-O in it. He explained that the alligator is named Sally and she's quite famous. She has appeared in commercials, the TV show 'American Horror Story', and even filmed a scene for an upcoming movie, 'Louisiana Caviar.'

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Sally is 61 years old, and according to Mike, she was hatched in 1957 by his grandfather.

The gender reveal video has gone viral on the internet with early 7 million views, as people from different parts of the world watch Sally do her thing.

Is Sally being hurt

As the video made its rounds on the internet, some social media users raised concerns that the alligator may not have been treated very kindly. But a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spokesman assuaged the fear saying Mike did not harm Sally in any way.

The spokesperson told HuffPost that while he did not condone using the animal as an exhibition piece, he did not believe she was hurt or uncomfortable with the experience.

Mike also said there was no danger to the humans at the gender reveal as well. He pointed out that most of his family members, including his pregnant girlfriend, Rebecca Miller, are experienced gator handlers.

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