Things We Do For Love: Meghan Markle Will Take On Prince Harry’s Religion Before Wedding

March 8, 2018 11:10

Many girls dream about marrying a prince and all the glamor and prestige that come with it. But not all of them know that you need to sacrifice many things to be welcomed into the royal family.

In case of the British monarchs, you first need to get the Queen’s permission. After it is granted, you need to follow a set of rules that may often seem ridiculous: you cannot do politics, eat shellfish, or even play monopoly… Earlier, it was even prohibited to marry someone of different religion! And although the rules have changed, it seems Meghan Markle decided not to risk.


Converting from Protestantism

The former actress was raised Protestant and attended the Catholic school. But before wedding her beau, she will be baptized in the Church of England and confirmed as Anglican. The ceremony will be held in March at Kensington Palace, and both Markle’s parents will be present.


We don’t know the reason that prompted the 36-year-old to convert. But some people believe it is out of respect for her husband-to-be’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. That’s a good way to please the monarch, isn’t it?


Surely, Meghan will not be the only celebrity to convert. For example, Madonna was raised a Catholic but developed an interest in one of the branches of Judaism.

Katie Holmes is an avid believer in Scientology.

And Orlando Bloom is very into Buddhism.

As such, religion is now more of a personal choice than a communal identity.

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