Who Won The Most Medals In The 2018 Winter Olympics And Who Came Back Home With Nothing?

March 1, 2018 19:47

Olympic Games is a sports event that always attracts many views. It puts some on the pedestal and breaks the career of others. The 2018 PyeongСhang Games were no different. This was the first time South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics.

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The games included 102 events in fifteen sports. The event was filled with historic wins and epic failures. Let’s take a look at the most victories and the most unsuccessful countries.

Winners: Norway


Let's start with a country who was the most triumphant during the Olympics. Norway won 39 medals in total and asserted its dominance within the first two days of the games.

Losers: United States' Ski Queens


In the time before the Winter Olympics, three names of American athletes were on everybody’s tongue: Shaun White, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Lindsey Vonn. But the ski queens turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Even though one gold and one silver medal is an impressive achievement, it was considered as a letdown compared to the highly publicized chance of winning five golds in one event.

Winners: Redmond Gerard, USA


One of the biggest stars of the American team was Redmond "Red" Gerard. The 17-years-old teen won the first gold medal in snowboarding showing jaw-dropping skills in PyeongChang.

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Losers: Canada Hockey And Curling Team


There are countries that always win gold in the same sports in every Winter Olympic Games. And most of the time, Canada is one of them. Canadian team often collects medals in both men's and women's curling and ice hockey. But not this time as Canadians failed in both sports. The women’s curling team even failed to qualify for the semifinals.

Winners: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have been skating together since 1997. The pair mesmerized the viewers with almost theatrical performance and won gold. With this gold medal from PyeongChang, they now have five medals each, more than any other figure skaters.

Losers: Olympic Athletes From Russia


Russia became the first loser before the beginning of 2018 Olympic Games. The team was banned from representing the country in the Games because of the state-sponsored doping in Sochi 2014. Russian athletes couldn’t compete under their country’s flag, so they became "Olympic Athletes from Russia.” But their medals would not count as Russian medals. Interestingly enough, two members of the OAR team were disqualified during the 2018 Games for doping.

Medal Count

Now, let’s see which countries got into the top 5.

During the last Winter Olympics in 2014 that took place in Sochi, Russia, Norway took the second place with 26 medals, Germany was sixth with 19 medals, Canada was third with 25 medals. The US team didn’t change its place in the rankings still holding the fourth positon, but the American athletes took home 28 medals in 2014, 5 more than in 2018. The winner at that time was Russia with 29 medals in total.


The countries that came home with only one medal after the 2018 Olympics include Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, and Latvia.

The next Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, China, in 2022.

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