Alabama Footballer Bradley Bozeman Proposed To His Girlfriend Minutes After Winning A National Championship

January 10, 2018 16:39

The night of Monday, January 8, 2018, was special for all the Alabama Crimson Tide players – the team won the national championship after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23. But for the offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman, 21, it was not the last victory he got that day.

Just like his other teammates, Bozeman received a national championship ring – the second in his sports career. However, the footballer had a more precious ring he wanted to give to someone very special.


Sole minutes after winning the national championship, the athlete got down on his knee and proposed to his college sweetheart, Nikki Hegstetter.

The couple is dating for several years now and has a lot in common, including their love for sports – Nikki used to play for the Alabama College women's basketball team.

At first, Hegstetter was completely surprised by Bozeman's proposal. But as soon as she realized it was for real, the girl said yes even before the man could slide the ring on her finger.


People were touched by the man's sudden proposal and his now fiancee's sweet and emotional reaction.

Later, the footballer told the media he wanted to propose to Nikki only following his team's victory, reports Today.

The date and the location of the wedding are not set yet, but the couple plans to tie the knot sometime close to April 2019, reports ESPN.

For Bradley Bozeman, it was the perfect culmination of both the final play of the season and his college sports career. Congratulations to the loving couple!

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