G-Eazy Ends Partnership With Swedish Retailer H&M Over Racially Insensitive Ad

January 11, 2018

Recently, the popular Swedish clothing retailer H&M faced harsh criticism from both regular customers and celebrity partners. The reason for people's negative reaction was a photo of an item from the brand's new kids collection. Many people who saw the image were offended by it and called it “racially insensitive".

Controversial advertisement

The heated online discussion was caused by a photo of a black boy wearing a green hoodie that reads “the coolest monkey in the jungle.” Other hooded tops from the same line were promoted by white child models.


Shortly after the image was posted online, H&M faced a wave of criticism. People were calling the picture “inappropriate” and “racially insensitive.”

Partners cut ties with H&M

Still, many celebrity partners of the Swedish fashion brand decided to stop working with the retailer.


Rapper G-Eazy was one of the first celebrities to speak out on the controversial advertisement and announce his split from the brand.

The Weeknd also decided to end his partnership with H&M.


In 2017, the Canadian R&B musician released a “Spring Icons Selected by The Weeknd” in co-operation with the famous fashion brand.

H&M offered their apologies

Following the wave of criticism, Swedish clothing retailer issued their official apologies on Monday, January 8.

In a comment to Pitchfork, the brand also added that they “are deeply sorry that the picture was taken” and “regret the actual print.” Therefore, they removed the image from the website and pulled the hoodie from their product offering worldwide. “We will thoroughly investigate why this happened to prevent this type of mistake from happening again,” said their spokesperson at the end of the statement.

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