2 Police Officer Responded To A 911 Distress Call, But They Were Shot And Killed When They Arrived On The Scene

February 12, 2018 16:20

A tragedy left the heart of a community broken on February 10th after two police officers were shot while on duty.

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A worrying 911 call

A woman had placed a 911 call asking for help from the Westerville Police Department officers in Ohio.

The call came in at 12:02 pm, but it was soon disconnected. However, before they were cut off, a female voice could be heard crying in the background.

Two officers, Anthony Morelli, 54, and Eric Joering, 39, were dispatched to the scene.

The female caller who later identified the shooter as Quentin Smith made another call and said:

Please help, please help... My husband shot the police officers... My daughter is in there.

When asked where she was, the woman replied saying she was hiding in the bushes.

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A heartbreaking tragedy

Morelli and Joering arrived at the residence at 12:10 pm after the disconnected call, and it was reported that they were immediately shot at.


One of the officers died on the scene, while the other one passed away soon after he was taken to a hospital.

More details

The officer who arrived at the scene after the incident found a child on the couch and arrested a suspect.

Associated Press reported that 30-year-old Smith was suspected of the fatal shooting. There has not been a lot of details regarding what exactly happened, but the police confirmed that he was later taken away from the scene.

The Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer hailed the victims of the shooting as "true American heroes," adding that they were dedicated completely to their work until the very end.

The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, was saddened by the news, and in a tweet, he asked people to pray for the families of the deceased.

Messages from Trump and other Americans

The US President Donald Trump also shared a tweet offering his condolences to the Westerville PD and the families of the slain cops.

Other people who were very upset by the tragic story offered words of comfort and expressed their outrage on social media.