Beautiful Katrin Jakobsdóttir Becomes Iceland's New Prime Minister

December 6, 2017

41-year-old Katrin Jakobsdottir is now Iceland Prime Minister following the election, which took place in October.

Who is Katrin Jakobsdottir?

The politician has always had an interest in her country. While studying at the University of Iceland, she majored in Icelandic, while French was her minor. She graduated from the school in 1999. She went on to further her studies by enrolling for her Master's in Icelandic Literature, a degree she received in 2004.

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Her career began as a language adviser at the public broadcaster RUV. She pursued an interest in writing after she left the organisation in 2003. She was a freelancer whose works were published in a number of broadcast and print media. She went on to become a magazine editor and, later on, a lecturer at her Alma Mata and two other institutions.

Katrin's family

Katrin comes from a long line of dedicated scholars and prominent people, so her passion for education and academics is basically inherited. Her great-grandfather was Skuli Thoroddsen, an influential politician and judge. Her great-grandmother, Theodora Thoroddsen, was also a well-known poet. Her brothers, Armann and Sverrir Jakobsson, were both professors at the University of Iceland.

She is married to Gunnar Örn Sigvaldason, and they have three sons together.

The successful politician and Prime Minister of Iceland

After an election, which took place in October, amidst some controversies, Katrin emerged the successful candidate. The country actually has a president, but this role is, to a large extent, ceremonial.

Following the signing of a coalition agreement by three parties, it has been officially confirmed that she will govern parties of different creeds: the conservative Independence Party and the centre-right Progressive Party.

Speaking to newsmen, Katrin encouraged a spirit of togetherness among the different parties as she hopes to foster a "new chord."

"It is important that we try to change the way we work together," she said.

The country believes in her to maintain unity and peace among people. And effectively managing the system is a task she promises to achieve.

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