Shaun Cassidy Is Deeply Saddened By His Half-Brother’s Passing And Releases Very Emotional Tribute To Him

November 23, 2017

Shaun Cassidy shared an emotional tribute to his late elder brother, David Cassidy, who passed away on November 21th, 2017 at the age of 67. David was a true legend of the entire generation and a prominent figure in the music and film industry.

Two talented brothers: Shaun and David

Shaun Cassidy is a skilled producer, actor, and singer. His late half-brother, David Cassidy, was also a gifted actor, singer, and idol of the 70s teens due to his iconic role in the popular “The Partridge Family.” Great talent is definitely a hereditary feature in this family.


David started his acting career featuring in the popular sitcom “The Partridge Family,” which made him the icon actor for millions of fans. Shaun Cassidy is famous for his roles in the TV series “Breaking Away” and “The Hardy Boys Mysteries.” David and Shaun also appeared together in the Broadway performance “Blood Brothers.”


Both brothers have proved their talent as skilled singers. Shaun has released three successful albums. David’s hit song “I Think I Love You” is still one of the greatest hits of the music industry.

Shaun's emotional tribute

It’s hard to express by words the tragic loss of a true legend; however, Shaun Cassidy’s powerful tribute to his beloved elder brother is able to touch anyone’s deep feelings. It’s obvious that David and Shaun were really close.

When David was diagnosed with a kidney and liver failure, until the last minute, his brother hoped he would recover. Shaun said that a terrible disease reunited the family in support of David.

He was delighted to see them all. There's been total resolution within the family. They will always be there for him.

In memory of a true legend

David Cassidy made a significant contribution to the development of cinematography and music industry. The world lost a true legend. Along with the star’s relatives and devoted fans, a lot of other celebrities expressed their regret for losing David Cassidy. His close friends admitted he had a great impact on their lives.

We should thank Shaun Cassidy for his great tribute in memory of his elder brother. The world will always remember this great person.

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