According To Trump's Former Doorman, President Might Have An Illegitimate Secret Child

April 13, 2018

After so many allegations of sexual misconduct and extramarital affairs, Trump’s doorman releases a new one with a shocking detail. Allegedly, Donald Trump had an affair with a housemaid, which resulted in a child!


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New scandal

Another day, another scandal: Dino Sajudin states that he was working at the Trump World Tower when he was instructed not to criticize president’s relationship with the former housekeeper. He also told that he was paid $30,000 for his silence.

The National Enquirer signed a deal with Sajudin, where the doorman gives over all the rights to the story that he’d heard about Trump’s sex life in exchange for the money. The contract also included a $1 million penalty if Sajudin disclosed any information regarding the subject.


President's secret child?

This looks pretty familiar, isn’t it? We all remember the scandals with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. However, this time, the story goes further, as presumably, Donald Trump might have a secret love child.

Fake story?

The story hasn’t received an official confirmation yet. And Trump himself hasn’t responded to the new accusation. Furthermore, Dino Sajudin’s ex-wife, Nikki Benfatto, states that her ex-husband is a serial liar and that he had made up the story to make money.


The investigation is ongoing, and soon enough, we will find out if it was a fake story created by Dino’s greed, or Trump’s skeletons in the closet are real.

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