Pink Shared New Sweet Photos Of Her Little Son Jameson

February 5, 2018 17:21

Earlier these days, Pink and her wonderful family stole the spotlight during Grammy Awards 2018, and today, the singer has found a new way to please her devoted fans. The star shared new photos of her son Jameson, and we can’t help admiring this little angel.


Sweet photos of little Jameson

Motherhood is able to make miracles. This is exactly the case with the world-famous singer, Pink. The star confessed she has become more patient, self-confident, and thoughtful kind of person after she gave birth to her first child, a wonderful daughter named Willow.

Pink and Willow make an incredible mother-daughter duet. They know how to spend awesome time together. Do you remember their awesome red carpet appearance at the Country Music Association Awards? Willow and her famous mom resembled some beautiful princesses from the Disney movies.


In her recent post, the singer shared truly adorable photos of her sweet son, Jameson. This little boy seems to be a big fan of Eagles. Just take a look at this cuteness.

Pink shares her approach to raising kids

Pink takes her responsibilities of a mother very seriously. The star teaches her children to be self-confident people and do not depend on the public opinion. The famous mother recalled how Willow once told her “she is the ugliest girl in her class.” Pink countered by telling her how beautiful she is. Here is a great advice the star shared with her daughter:

When people make fun of me they say I look like a boy or I’m too masculine or I’m too outspoken. Do you see me growing my hair? Do you see me changing my body? Do you see my selling out arenas all over the world?

Celebrity mom has proved her words by her recent performance at the Super Bowl. Just before the day of her performance, Pink caught the flu from her kids. Despite the rumors that the singer will cancel her plans to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, Pink showed off her vocals in a fabulous rendition.

Little Willow and Jameson have a perfect example to follow. Pink is a great mother who teaches her kids that their voice really matters. If you like new sweet photos of her son Jameson, please share your opinion in the comments.

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