First Year Of Presidency: Donald Trump's Achievements

January 22, 2018 15:57

Time is running so fast. It has been one year since Donald Trump’s inauguration as a president of the United States.


One-year anniversary

Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. He has taken the responsibilities of the US president after Barack Obama. To celebrate this historical date, Trump Jr. shared a photo of the whole family from one year ago. He signed the picture:

Amazing pic from one year ago today from the eve of the inauguration. The whole family at the foot of The Lincoln Memorial was absolutely surreal. It was then that the magnitude of everything we had and would experience finally hit me.

And just take a look at this adorable photo of President Trump with his wonderful granddaughter Kai Madison. Isn’t she sweet? Little Kai seems to enjoy spending time with her grandpa.

Trump’s achievements after one year of presidency

One year of a presidency is already a huge achievement. But what are the other achievements of Donald Trump as a president of the United States?

During the first six months in the office, Trump has already made a large impact on the U.S. education policy, pushing it in a conservative direction. His administration developed a “school choice plan" that is aimed not to force the states to expand school choice but let them decide their own policies.


President Trump held about 50% more face-to-face meetings with foreign leaders. In his first six months in the White House, he had three foreign trips and held 47 bilateral meetings with foreign heads of other states.

Trump started out his presidency with an active foreign policy in addition to his America First philosophy.


Trump’s administration took numerous actions related to healthcare, welfare, and religious liberty. Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to speak at the Family Research Council's Summit, in which he voiced strong support for social conservative policies.

These and other achievements marked the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. The best thing is that his entire family has supported Trump since the moment of inauguration till now. Even his grandchildren have played an integral role in helping Donald rule the country.


A family bond is the greatest achievement for all of us. It’s great that Trump has a family that always stands by him.

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