Angelina Jolie And Her 14-Year-Old Son Pax Jolie-Pitt Attended 2018 Golden Globes In Beverly Hills

January 8, 2018

2018 is opened with the support to the Time’s Up movement. The latter was initiated by about 300 popular actresses and entertainers who decided to stand against sexual discrimination, abuse, and harassment of women in the movie industry and beyond.

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Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes

In solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, the dress code at the ceremony was defined to be “all black” for women. The event, which held in Beverly Hills, California on January 7th, saw actresses all dressed in black as a testament to their consent and support of this movement.

Jolie’s 14-year-old son was her date

In line with the mood of the occasion, many celebrities came with other activists as their dates. For instance, Tarana Burke, a founder of the #MeToo movement, attended the ceremony with Michelle Williams.

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However, Angelina decided to do something a bit different in this regard and came with her son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.

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Will Pax follow in his parents’ footsteps?

It is not uncommon to find children following in the steps of their caregivers in their choice of a career. And for Pax, it seems to be a highly probable.

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In December 2014, he attended the premiere of Universal Studios’ Unbroken in the company of his dad and other siblings. So, who knows, maybe the boy is prepping for a career in Hollywood too.

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Whatever the case, we wish Jolie and her family all the best in this year and beyond.

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Angelina Jolie Golden Globes