Behind The Scenes Of 'Titanic': Billy Zane Sheds Some Light On The Epic Movie Set

December 21, 2017 14:21

The 20th century saw the building of one of the biggest, rumored to be 'unsinkable', ship in human history. The glamor, splendor, and grandeur that accompanied the building and sailing of this ship was breath-taking.

It was obviously built for the elite and upper class of those times. The movie only brings back to life the tragic incident that led to the loss of life of almost everyone on board, except a few who escaped in lifeboats. Others froze in the cold water as the ship made its way to the bottom of the sea.

Breakthrough vs. Catastrophe

While the ship was a breakthrough in human invention and engineering, it was also the cause of one of the greatest catastrophes in human history. A voyage that was supposed to be an epic adventure for its passengers, ended up being the coffin to send them to the graves which many of them were unprepared for.

The Movie

James Cameron, came out years later to reenact the film and to give the new generation an insight into what must have gone wrong that very day and how the lives of men and women were lost.

© Titanic (1997) / Paramount Pictures

The film was an instant success and has remained an evergreen movie. Now all stage is set for the 20th anniversary of the movie, and a new one is to be released.

There are new insights and dimensions given to the story. Kate Winslet acted as Rose, acted alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack).

The duo was able to create a love scene and a story that touches everyone. Kate revealed that she was well composed throughout the movie Leonardo, on the other hand, mixed his lines up.

© Titanic (1997) / Paramount Pictures

Kate Winslet Revisits The Show

Kate also revealed that Mathew McConaughey was auditioned for the role that Leonardo eventually played, that if Matthew was chosen, someone else would have been Jack in the movie.

A lot sure goes on behind the scenes that we never know.

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