Dolly Parton Drops The “Dixie” From Her Dixie Stampede Dinner Show, And Fans Express Their Mixed Feelings

January 12, 2018 13:33

The award-winning country singer whose non-music ventures includes Dollywood, Imagination Library and a dinner show recently announced the dropping of “Dixie” from her “Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Show”.

She says it was necessary in order to broaden the prospects of the project.

The name change necessary for business expansion

The show which provides family entertainment at an affordable price will now simply be called “Dolly Parton's Stampede Show.” Owned by World Choice Investments and Dolly Parton, the project has one of its locations in Dolly's hometown in East Tennessee.

Speaking about the name change, Dolly said it was necessary in order to expand the business.

Our shows currently are identified by where they are located. ... Some examples are Smoky Mountain Adventures or Dixie Stampede. We also recognize that attitudes change and feel that by streamlining the names of our shows, it will remove any confusion or concerns about our shows and will help our efforts to expand into new cities.

The CEO of World Choice Investments, Jim Rule, also shares a similar view as he had this to say:

There is interest in several parts of the United States and internationally to host one of our unique dinner attraction shows, We provide spectacular family entertainment at a great value. We continually listen to our guests and our desire to expand coupled with our desire to stay relevant in today’s changing world led us to simplify our shows’ names.

Mixed reactions from fans about the name change

While some fans and long-term patriots of the dinner show welcome the name change as a step in the right direction, others express their dissatisfaction at the rebranding; saying it's a deviation from what the show stands for.

Only time will tell if the name change is a step in the right direction.

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Dolly still looks stunning at 71

Parton, who was born in a rural area of Sevier County in Tennessee, has indeed risen from her humble background into a multi-award winning country singer and a successful businesswoman.

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Dubbed the most honored female country singer of all time, Dolly has written more than 3000 songs throughout her career. Having been active for over 40 years, at the age of 71, Dolly still looks stunning and is still very much active in her music career.

So what about you? What do you think about the rebranding moves? Is it a step in the right direction?

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