6-Month Pregnant TV Personality And Socialite, Khloe Kardashian, Explains Small Baby Bump

December 28, 2017 16:56

Drum roll... One of the faces behind the famed reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is poised to give birth to a baby.

In a post laced with diverse emotions, Khloe took to her Instagram page to announce the arrival of the bundle of her joy, which is due in the next couple of months.

Khloe Is Happily Pregnant

Apart from gushing about the fact that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her, she was also full of gratitude to God for making this baby a reality, haven-waited for long for the arrival.

Her soulmate, Tristan, wasn’t left out either, as the TV personality showered encomium on him for his unparalleled support all through her pregnancy up to this point. Categorically, words like treating her like a queen and making the experience even more magical than she envisaged were directed to Tristan.

Overall, she cuts the picture of a contented and joyous pregnant woman.

Why Her Bump Is So Small

While the socialite and TV star is being congratulated left and right by friends and fans at large, some have pointed out the size of Khloe’s bump.

They seem to think that for a 6-months pregnancy, the bump looks tiny. In response to her adoring fans, who have directed this statement to her on Twitter, Khloe sweetly explains the reason why she is looking small.

"My body changes throughout the day. In the mornings, the bump looks smaller and in the evenings, it’s a bit more protruded," was the response she gave.

This piece of information she shared seems to go down with her followers as many have remarked on how great and in shape she looks in spite of her advanced pregnancy.

What To Know About The Bump During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is one of the greatest desires of so many women, but something to take note of is that no two pregnancies are the same. As such, the size of your bump at 6 months may vary slightly or even greatly from that of another woman who is also 6 months gone.

Some of the factors that affect the size of a woman’s bump at any stage of her pregnancy include:

  • the position in which the baby is lying at any given point in time;
  • the number of babies in the uterus per time will influence the size of the bump that will show;
  • whether or not its a first-time mom, as women pregnant for the first time will most likely still have well-toned and tight muscles that will contribute to keeping the bump small for most of their pregnancy period, probably till late into their third trimester;
  • the woman's body structure. For women who are tall, slim, and long-waisted, the odds of having enough room for their babies to wiggle about are high, so their bumps may not really be as protruded most of the time.

Whatever, your bump looks like, a nice watermelon or a beached whale, the most important thing is for you and your baby to be healthy.

And we are glad that this is the case with Khloe. We offer our congratulations as we await another very famous Kardashian scion.

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