Jessica Biel Goes Blonde, And Justin Timberlake Shares His Sweet Reaction

February 9, 2018

Before she won Justin Timberlake’s heart, Jessica Biel was already making boys swoon. At just 14, she starred in the popular TV series, 7th Heaven. Now 34, Jessica is one of the rare Hollywood beauties that remains 100% natural. So no surgeries or Botox for her. But she has not always looked the way you know her now.

Over the years, Jessica has undergone some fashion changes. She has changed the color of her hair a couple of times, gotten it cut in different styles. Even her wardrobe has metamorphosed over the years. Here is a look at Jessica from the late 90’s to date.

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December 2004

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January 2018

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She went blonde.

For most of January, Jessica was still sporting her usual brunette hair. But this Tuesday, she came out looking absolutely fabulous with blonde hair.

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Jessica was attending the 2018 Makers Conference at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. The actress, 35, was all smiles as she walked the red carpet at the venue. And she was not the only one smiling.

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And Justin is super tickled.

Her husband, the award-winning singer, and songwriter, Justin Timberlake, was beside himself. He took to Instagram and shared this really delightful comment.

My boo thang looks goooood!

Knowing Justin, there may already be a song in the works inspired by Jessica. And we expect a lot of blonde hair in it.

Jessica’s hair was done by the famous stylist, Adir Abergel, and colorist Tracey Cunningham. Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Khloé Kardashian, and Emma Stone are just a few of the clients they work with.

Justin is big on compliments.

Her husband, the award-winning singer, and songwriter, Justin Timberlake, is known to gush a lot about his TV star wife.  A month ago, he shared this post on Instagram with the sweetest caption ever.

Earlier in March last year, he shared this heart-melting post.

You go, Justin. Stay 'love stoned'.

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