Arnold Schwarzenegger Posts A Touching Tribute To President Lincoln's 209th Birthday

February 14, 2018 12:40

Remembering and paying tribute to people who lived long ago but made their considerable contribution to the growth of our society is our duty. And when speaking about Abraham Lincoln, it’s necessary to commemorate this strong personality at least on his birthday.

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12th of February is the day when the 16th President of the USA was born. He was the one who led the nation to the abolition of slavery and did everything to end the Civil War. President Lincoln was the person who worked to strengthen the economy and succeeded in that.



And it’s no wonder that Arnold Schwarzenegger was among those who paid tribute to the 16th President of the USA on his birthday. The 38th Governor of California posted a touching message both on Twitter and Instagram. He took a photo of himself and the sculpture of the president by his front door and said the sculpture is there to remind him of the great lessons he taught.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t the only one who paid tribute to Abraham Lincoln on his 209th birthday. People of various professions joined him to tell everyone we should not forget about the president's contribution to the development of the nation.

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