Uma Thurman Shares Details On A Near Death Experience She Had On 'Kill Bill' Set

February 9, 2018 10:50

Uma Thurman says she nearly died while filming Kill Bill.


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Uma Thurman's 'Kill Bill' convertible scene

The interview was her response to the #MeToo movement sweeping across Hollywood. Thurman famously said she would talk about her experience of sexual assault with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein when she was less angry.

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She finally shared her Weinstein story and also mentioned an experience with the writer and director of the two Kill Bill movies, Quentin Tarantino.

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The leading Hollywood actress played a lead role in both volumes produced by Weinstein. She says the Oscar-winning director had asked her to do a car ride scene she was uncomfortable with at 40 miles per hour without a stunt driver.

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According to her, the car was in a terrible condition, but she went along with filming the scene because she was worried about displeasing the director.

Minutes after Thurman got in the car, it skidded off the road and hit a tree at high speed.

Tarantino responds

The director has responded to Thurman's story. He says he did not consider the scene a stunt while filming, and now, he thinks of the incident as the biggest regret of his life.

The scene was shot after they had been making the movie for about a year, and Tarantino says he did not push Thurman to make her do the scene. He also adds that he drove the car before Thurman did, but he missed the bad spot that caused the accident because he forgot to drive it in the opposite direction.

They are still friends

Thurman does not hold this against Tarantino. People reports that Tarantino's oversight caused a rift in his relationship with the actress, and they did not speak for some years. But Thurman has confirmed that they remain friends.

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Uma says she is certain that Tarantino's intentions were not malicious. She, however, holds Weinstein responsible for an attempt to cover up the incident.

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